Sunday, January 10, 2021

Yellowstone Trip: Part 4 (The Grand Tetons)

Over two years later I have decided to finish up my posts about our 2018 trip to Yellowstone. Oops! So many more adventures have happened since then, I better hurry and get caught up. I saved this portion of our trip for last because it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip; however, my memory has faded, so this may be a brief post, lucky for anyone daring to read.

During our Yellowstone trip we had the opportunity to visit Grand Teton National Park twice! I’m so glad that we did! Yellowstone is wildly unique, but the Tetons are beautiful. We first went after recent snowfall so we could see them snow-capped. We went a second time with friends who had joined us for the second half of the trip. I felt slightly guilty saying we spent time with friends just now due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but all was well then! The snow had mostly melted, but they were still beautiful. Here are some pictures from both trips there.

On both trips to the Tetons, we spent time hiking around Lake Jenny. On our first trip we got a special treat of seeing a Moose pretty close. She had a calf nearby, so distance was maintained. Here she is feeding in a pond. 

I should mention also that on our Yellowstone/Grand Teton trip we saw several other moose. Seeing moose can be tricky because they can be elusive and difficult to spot in the willows that they are usually hanging out in; however, we had an advantage. David had informed me that his car has the nickname "The Moose Magnet" due to having seen a lot of moose while in it. There's only one problem with this: we were in my car for this trip. I determined that it is David that is the Moose Magnet and not his car. I plan to keep my Moose Magnet around. 

The hike on this first trip also had great views of the lake. We also saw a black bear on this particular trip I believe. It was eating on the hillside above mostly unconcerned about all the traffic on the trail below it. 

On the second trip we took a boat ride across lake Jenny with our friends and did some hiking there on the other side. This included a waterfall and more views of the lake. 

After our second trip to the Tetons, we started our journey back home. We made a quick stop at another high elevation lake that was also beautiful and had interesting rock formations. The rest of the trip home is a blur at this point! Our next big trip was to Colorado! 

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